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as much fun as you can imagine

FAB (for adult babies) has been THE leader in adult baby recordings since 1981.

Developed by one of America’s leading professional certified hypnotherapists to bring extreme pleasure to those young at heart.

These recordings will cause something truly remarkable and exciting to happen to you. You will close your eyes and be guided into a fantastic hypnotic trance. When you next open your eyes YOU WILL BE the baby of your dreams.

You can customize the process to reduce you to the age of your choice, make you feel like a baby girl or a baby boy, make you suck your thumb, make you cry real tears.

Fab recordings let you fine tune the effects. Part way into the hypnotic recording you are asked to give yourself suggestion and visualization. This gives you the control to get exactly what you want.

There are 9 pre-made titles. From “
bedwetting” to “always wet and messy”.

custom made
There are 64 custom options. From “I will cry” to “I will be shy”.

Every order comes with printed
instructions. All recordings are completely safe and have been programmed to prevent you from doing anything that you would not want to do.

Female or male hypnotist.

100% guarantee
Unconditional 30 day money back.

100% privacy
Information about you is NEVER released to anyone for any reason.
Everything (recordings, catalog, etc.) is shipped in a discrete, tamper evident, sealed package. There is no indication as to what it contains or who it is from. The return address is the street address only.

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